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How much does a kitchen remodel cost?2021-10-18T22:44:54-04:00

This one is hard to answer. There are a lot of variables like the room size, cabinets ordered and any custom work you are having done. The average range for a kitchen remodel is $15,000 to $25,000. The next step would be to schedule a consultation and a measure to get an accurate price for what you want done.

How long does it take to get the cabinets?2021-10-18T22:43:49-04:00

The delivery time depends on the company that you want to use and if any custom work will be done. The average time is 4  to 6 weeks, but this will vary depending on supply and demand. Please contact us for the exact time frame.

Do you install the kitchen cabinets?2021-10-18T22:47:51-04:00

Yes, we can provide the Kitchen cabinets installation when you buy the Kitchen cabinets from us.

Are you insured?2021-10-18T22:48:19-04:00

Yes, we have a home improvement license and insurance.

Do you have kitchen countertops?2021-10-18T22:49:09-04:00

Yes, we do. We are Countertop fabricators. We carry Marble, granite, and quartz. We guarantee your satisfaction on the quality of the materials.

Do you install granite countertops?2021-10-18T22:51:01-04:00

Yes, we work with different materials such as Marble, Granite, and Manufactured Quartz.

We carry various samples of countertop material in our showroom, you can visit us. Please contact us and set an appointment.

Do sinks come with the countertops?2021-10-18T22:51:42-04:00

Yes, A standard size Stainless Steel sink comes included with the purchase of a countertop. Please contact us for alternatives or upgrades.

How long does it take for a bathroom renovation?2021-10-18T22:52:40-04:00

The bathroom renovation depends on the size of your project. The average time is 3 to 4 weeks, maybe sooner if the materials are ready to install.

How much does it cost for a bathroom renovation?2021-10-18T22:53:41-04:00

The average price for a bathroom renovation is $15000 to $25000. Please contact us and schedule a consultation appointment.

Do you do Custom cabinets?2021-10-18T22:54:12-04:00

Yes, we do. We work with semi-custom and custom kitchen cabinets as Brighton, Kith Kitchens, and Wellborn Forest.

Do you do kitchen cabinets refacing?2021-10-18T22:55:29-04:00

We provide the Paint Finish service. Please check the pictures at our gallery or contact us to ask for more information.

You do plumbing and electrical work?2021-10-18T22:56:08-04:00

Yes, We have our own team to do electrical and plumbing work. Also, You can receive a special package price for doing a complete work with us. We guarantee less stress when dealing with one person who manages your entire project.

Do you do Butcher block countertops?2021-10-18T22:57:00-04:00

Yes, we work with Butcher Block. Please contact us to ask for more information.

Do you do Tile work?2021-10-18T22:57:42-04:00

Yes, we do. We carry different high-quality brands for floor, wall, and backsplash tile. Please, check the pictures at our website.

Do you offer bathroom and kitchen hardware?2021-10-18T22:58:05-04:00

Yes, we do. We work with high-quality and trendy companies. We take care of every detail in your project, and choose the right hardware to add elegance to your project.

Do you offer kitchen and bathroom custom design?2021-10-18T22:58:54-04:00

Yes, we do. We offer a 3D view design for your project, and we are flexible to combine your ideas in our proposal. Please contact us for more information.

Do you deliver?2021-10-18T22:59:46-04:00

Yes, we do. We will arrange with the project manager to coordinate the delivery. If you have any other questions please contact us.

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